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Welcome to the website of the UK Middlebrook Surname Project

The main purpose of this project and website will be as follows:
  • To provide a single point of reference for collating and publishing family history material on Middlebrook families across the UK.

  • To establish which UK Middlebrook branches are closely linked to each other and probably originate from a single paternal source in Medieval times.

  • To establish which UK Middlebrook branches are most closely linked with families that have emigrated to North America and elsewhere.
Although Middlebrook is the most common spelling of the surname in the UK, this project will encompass all other variants of the name that have survived and are thought to be related - including Middlebrough, Middlebrooke, Middleborough and Middlebrooks.

Please take a look around the site, using the menu on the left to navigate. The project is only just taking shape, so information may be a bit sparse for a while. But it will hopefully grow in future years with the help of Middlebrooks across the country, so please return to the site regularly.